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Corrugated Boxes

3 Ply Box

Single-wall corrugated boxes are commonly used for packaging lightweight products. A single-wall box actually has three layers that are sealed into one single, sturdy sheet. The interior layer, called flutes or waves, play the biggest role in determining the box’s strength. With shorter flutes, a box can withstand crushing better than the taller fluted boxes. However, the shorter flutes do not absorb as much shock as the taller flutes.

5 Ply Box

Double-wall corrugated boxes are constructed with two layers of corrugated cardboard (flutes), with a linerboard facing between them. This 5-ply construction provides added strength and stability. Corrugated cases constructed in double-wall are better suited for heavier weighted or higher value items, which demand a greater strength from the board. The double fluting also adds greater protection, by providing a strong cushioning effect, absorbing any shock which may occur during transit. The greater rigidity provided by double-wall boxes make them the ideal choice for items which require longer term stacking storage.

7 Ply Box

When it comes to extra strength and durability Triple wall corrugated boxes are simply the best. With three layers of cardboard and a thick Kraft layer, they offer long-lasting protection from knocks, scrapes and changes in temperature. They’re ideal for storage, stacking or long-distance shipping. With two layers of liner and 5 layers of Flute. These boxes are of custom design meaning the customer can select from our wide range of Quality paper according to their product and requirement. Such boxes are reliable and crush proof making them ideal for long voyages and high stacking purposes, it also ensures product safety.

Die Cut Box

Die-cut boxes can be made with smooth corrugated board or different types of corrugated cardboard, and are generally manufactured and assembled without the use of tape or stapling. Die-cut materials offer an advantage in both shipping and retail presentation, with their ability to mimic the product in shape and size. Adding four color printing to the box manufacturing process almost eliminates the need for further labeling. Such boxes are cut with extreme precision and with minimum wastage.