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Corrugated Boxes

Ideal for packaging material fragile for shipping by air. These boxes are known to be eco-friendly because they are biodegradable and made from sustainable forests.

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Corrugated Sheets

Ideal for creating strong dividing walls in cartons for stacking. The sheets are available in 3ply, 5ply and 7ply and in wide range of widths, lengths and paper quality.

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Rotary slotter

This machine can complete angle cutting, slotting, rolling, line scoring, creasing and cutting procedure on time. It is characterized as high speed highly efficient machine which processes major quantities of corrugated sheets without flaking and tearing in the process, increasing production efficiency and efficacy.

Flexo Printer

Flexo, most popular process for printing packaging and product labels, offers superb quality with cost effectiveness. Suitable for both small and large batches and can achieve fine details in 1 to 2 different colours of ink, giving superior image quality directly on corrugated cardboard.

Die Cutting

Die-cut boxes are essential to modern packaging and for major manufacturers. The die-cut box, uses tabs and slots to keep the box closed. This means that most styles do not require any tape, bending, glue, or staples to secure the edges, so these boxes are ideal for shipping and in-store displays.

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